Skillset Guidelines
for Work Placement Schemes
in the Creative Industries

The companies and feature film productions that advertise new entrant opportunities on My First Job In TV will all be required to adhere to the Skillset Guidelines for Work Placement Schemes.

Each new entrant will also be directed to read the guidelinesand acknowledge that they have done so. After each placement is completed a feedback form will be email to the new entrant to gather their thoughts and experiences of the placement.

Whilst the full document can be found via the Skillset link to the right, the terms of each type of placement is detailed on the following links:
The Skillset Guidelines
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Please remember that all opportunities advertised through My First Job In TV must adhere to the Skillset Guidelines for Work Placement Schemes in the Creative Industries. It is therefore essential that you familiarise yourself with them:

Work Experience
Rules on the National Minimum Wage

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Skillset’s research identifies skills gaps and they then make sure training is available to maintain the UK’s reputation as having one of the best film workforces in the world. Their work in film is guided by our TV Skills Council, which includes leading members of the production community, to make sure that they meet the needs of the industry.  

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