Here are some of the comments that we have received from our users.
Some have provided advice from their experienced to help others:

“My First Job in TV is an excellent way to begin your career in the industry. What first drew me to the site was the many work experience opportunities they advertised. Work experience is vital to anyone who is trying to get their foot in the door and MFJTV had a vast selection to choose from. Now my CV is far stronger than before and I will continue to use the website in the future as I make my way up the career ladder.”

Matt U

"MFJTV is an excellent way of gaining experience in the TV industry. It opens the door to some excellent opportunities that would be difficult to find elsewhere. Within the space of a few weeks, I had received offers for 2 different placements which gave me a fascinating insight into world of TV production. I will definitely continue to use this site in the future".

James M

"My First Job In TV is a great directory that offers varied roles every day. Through the site, I was offered an internship as a Junior Development Researcher for a month. This was then extended by a week and once that finished, another two weeks of paid work as a Researcher. My CV is far stronger now and I look forward to my next job!

My advice to any one trying to get there start is to not turn any experience down, no matter how small. Even if it means travelling for hours to stand in the cold in order to run on a short shoot for something that is unlikely to be seen by anyone. It's the credit that will make all the difference to your CV and interview. If I hadn't done extensive research for a local unpaid production for an online video, I wouldn't have landed the Junior Research Internship."

Lawrence D

I have found
My First Job In TV brilliant this past month, I have had work experience at a Documentary Production Company, an award winning production company, Post Production Company and at a leading Independent TV Production Company through it. It has been so helpful to build my CV and I think it is going to really help me to secure my first job in a creative company.

Jessica M

I felt very involved in my work placement. I contributed in areas I didn't know much about, expanding my experiences and learning from others; and in areas where I felt keen to impress, boosting my confidence and testing my skills.

All in all, it was a fantastic two weeks and led directly to a full time paid position.

Now, I always look forward to meeting candidates sourced through My First Job in TV and to see them enjoy the opportunities I was given in the same position.

Hanz M

I have found MFJTV very helpful with finding jobs. I have had success with landing a job on 'Britain's Got Talent' as a day runner in which I had 4 days work with them, this later led on to 3 weeks working on the judges arena tour as a cable basher and camera runner travelling the country'. This has helped me to get future jobs as this is a well known television programme.

I have recently had success working on a short film for the National Film & Television school working as a floor runner. Both experiences have helped me develop and expand my CV and will hopefully help me in future applications for other jobs.

I would recommend people using this site as it is a great starting point for anybody wanting to pursue a career within the film and television industry. It offers basic jobs where not much experience is need, therefore a great way to get your foot in the door and experience first hand what the industry is like.

I will always keep checking the site for future experiencing, to help make a success of my career.

Craig P

Through MFJTV I got a chance to work on high budget corporate film shot by a well known DOP for a large production company, first as a DIT then as 2AC as the original crew member had to leave. Despite having the skills if it wasn't for MFJTV I would never have had access to a job on a production at this level as it is very difficult to gain access into certain professional cicles. Of course I had the skills and experience necessary and that was prerequisite to get selected for the first position.

Once on set I did my best to leave a good impression and do the job as well as I could and I think both the DOP and the production company will call me again to work for them. Getting the opportunity to step up on the second day was a stroke of luck which you also need in this industry, but I couldn't have done it if I didn't have the skills and the kit. So invest in yourself all the time, learn and the buy necessary kit.

Sasha B

I would really recommend signing up to My First Job in TV as it simplifies the whole process of applying for jobs within the industry. It's easy to manage multiple CV's and Cover Letters so you can tailor the application to the role.

It's very useful to receive regular emails for new jobs, as it allows you to apply for jobs through your mobile as they're posted. Applying for jobs is far quicker than usual methods so you can submit more applications and have a better chance of success. I'm really happy with the service and have had contact from various companies, which makes all the work completely worth it. I wish I signed up earlier as this really is the easiest way of getting work experience, there are so many jobs to choose from that there is something for everybody.

Matt B

My First Job In TV helped me gain my first professional TV work experience placement and continue to provide exclusive opportunities across the entire production process including Development and Post Production up and down the country.

With regards to the site keep an eye out for opportunities that are exclusive to MFJITV, this will narrow down the competition. Overall try and learn new skills or keep up to date with production software, research job descriptions that are your level and identify the skill they want, software, programme, or other, there are plenty of tutorials online to get you familiar, so when it comes to writing a cover a letter or discussing the role in an interview, you might not have practical experience but you can certainly say you understand the skill and keep you in their mind-set. Research networking events that will have a Head of Talent as a guest speaker, it is specifically their job to look after CV's and find you an appropriate job. Regardless of whether you are successful after interviewing for a job always keep in mind your interviewers email address, productions happen all the time and using your initiative will get you further than waiting for employers to advertise.

Adam Q

MFJTV has helped me quite a lot in understanding what is required for a CV and gaining lots of practise and help with application questions. I now know how to answer questions that will hopefully make my application stand out. I also think what is really useful is how you can customise your CV’s and cover letters and have several uploaded at once. I got my first job as a production runner with a production company through MFJTV, the day went well and I hope to stay in contact with them. MFJTV helped open doors to future contacts in the Industry. Regarding contacts, the website also advertised The NFTS which I saw and therefore applied, and am now very happy to be going there in January.

My advice to others would be don’t make your CV to long and boring, try and make it a page as they will not want to look through something for ages. At one point I was doing about 12 applications a week and still getting rejected, however I would say do not give up on it, be persistent as one will be for you.

Fiona D

'My First Job In TV' have been extremely helpful for me to start my career in Television. I have recently been contacted by a TV production recruiter, saying they had found my CV online on the website. From there I was offered a work placement with Flame TV Productions and couldn’t have wished for more. This experience has opened my eyes on the true work produced behind the scenes of TV and has helped a lot with discovering where I wanted to go in production. My word of advice would be to get as much experience through work placements as you can and get the contacts you need to keep up the networking, as this can be extremely helpful for future jobs.

Tiffany R

MFJTV has been an incredible help in breaking into the TV industry. I got the very first job I applied for which I can't say has happened on any other job site! It's great that there is a site dedicated to offering entry level hopefuls with professional opportunities. I can't give enough praise to the support, advice and opportunities that MFJTV has provided.

My advice to other members would be to keep your CV/letter brief - people in TV are busy and less is more. I would also recommend to change your CV each time and highlight only the jobs that are really relevant to the role you are applying for. During the cover letter, keep the job requirements nearby so you can constantly check everything you write is clear, relevant and exactly what the employer is looking for.

Tim Y

I'd worked a few runner jobs in TV production before applying for a job through My First Job in TV. Having actually graduated from uni with a history degree, I'd limited exposure to the world of short term contracts/ freelancing and I've found the site a really useful way to see what sort of things are around or coming up.

I totally didn't think anything would come of my application. My job was with a major TV production company and required quite an experienced runner, who could work on location and in office so it was a great, hands-on role and a good learning curb.

The great thing about the website is that it seems to draw in some really big TV productions, who increasing advertise and look for runner/ entry level positions as well. What I also like is that it posts longer 3month contracts and not just day running roles which, although useful if you're starting out aren't particularly sustainable if you're trying to make a living.

In all, I'd definitely recommend using the website to look for jobs.

Eve C

I recently got a paid role as a Runner via MFJTV - this was an amazing, fun experience, everyone I met and worked with were great and really helpful, a valuable opportunity all round and I was able to learn much from it.

That is what is great about the roles listed on this site, even the paid ones tend to be entry-level and suited to the skills and attributes of people looking for their first or one of their first jobs in the industry.


I had only been using MFJTV for under 2 weeks when I received a call from a production company to come in and see them. They interviewed me and offered me 2 weeks work experience as a runner on set. This is exactly what I was looking for and I was impressed with this early success. I continue to use the site, and I'm hoping to get more experience because of it. I would recommend uploading a video resume as the site suggests as this may have helped my chances as my previous experience was in other industries.

Carly A

I am just about to start my first long term runner role - which I gained through MFJTV.

I turned to my first job in film/tv after graduating from university and struggling to find that all important job. The best advice I can give you is don't overestimate yourself. All that work you did a uni and that First you gained for your dissertation while great it won't help you to land that perfect job. For that you will need work experience and recent experience. I must admit that I made that mistake, I applied for paid roles having been out if the industry for 6 months working to pay bills! My big break came when I decided to aim lower and applied for emergency work experience that had come in to the site. They were so desperate for staff to help complete a project that I was asked to come in the following day! From there I applied for and was successful on an internship which led me to my first paid role from the website working as a runner driver. I have now completed more paid roles for the company (mainly pick ups and reshoots) but thanks to the experience I have gained I am now about to start my first long term role (3months).

So to be brief I suggest these 5 points to get ahead in the industry using this website.

1. Don't overestimate yourself. Unless you have worked in a professional environment as a director you are not a director!

2. Always check you emails. If you are applying don't leave it any longer than 48 hours...max. Production companies get tonnes of applications from this site if you get in early you get to the top of the pile.

3. Be brief. See it from their prospective. You get loads of applications, you have asked 4 questions in the application one of the questions says "Do you have experience driving a large car?" One person answers. "I own a small car which I use to drive from London to Cornwall on a regular basis as I have family there. I also drive my fathers car on the weekends when he lets me. I also have access to my sisters car which I sometimes you. I have driven other people's car at uni and during my work experience I drove a large van down to France for a shoot" The second person says "I have driven a large van to Scotland on a work Experience shoot" Which one would you pick if you were short of time!

4. Make sure you write a cover letter. Some companies don't specifically ask for one and might not even read it. But it separates you from the other applicants and shows you are willing to go the extra mile. You can use this an opportunity to put extra information that would otherwise clutter up you applications questions.

5. I haven't been paid to write this next part. I strongly suggest paying for 6-12 month subscriptions. I used to pay for 1 month at a time but I found all the best jobs came in the day after my subscription ended. Also some companies may take a long time to get back to you even if it is a no.

and finally:

6. Try to have fun with the application process. If you have made it as stream lined as possible it should take you can age to finish each one. Try to see as much fun as you can in what you are doing. If a job application doesn't seem appealing to you have would you be expected to actually do the job. Pick the roles that are right for you and that will shine through on the application and you should secure the job.

Adam W

“During my two week experience with the company I predominately shadowed and undertook responsibilities of the in-office Runner, ranging from delivering and picking up drives from post-production houses, to transcribing and logging established and upcoming programmes. On quieter days I was given the opportunity to source public contributors and potential story lines for the companies flagship program under directions of a senior staff member as well as observe and take in the daily workings of a professional TV environment. The production team and staff were very approachable and ensured I was given responsibilities and tasks that would contribute overall and were keen to offer their support if required.

MFJTV certainly has the inside track when it comes to sourcing work experience placements which are traditionally hidden away behind closed doors and their opportunities are predominately exclusive to the site.”

Adam Q

“I had a great work experience via MFJTV, everyone was extremely friendly and made me feel part of the team. I was given the chance to help out researching several projects, as well as things like editing and getting the chance to attend pitch meetings. All round was great experience - I learnt loads and met lots of great people.”

Daniel D

“My experience through was very positive. Everyone there was really kind and patient with me. It has a very positive environment, where everyone seems to enjoy working. I got to do some research for new projects and also runner duties as coffee/ tea making or delivers around the city. I believe this experience could be more valuable if it took longer. It was just one week. After that week I was already adapted to their system and it was when I had to leave.

Would love to get a runner position there!”

Mariana M

“I've found MFJTV really straightforward and incredibly useful, as there any many jobs posted on the site daily, and many which cater towards my strengths and areas of interest.

The great thing is that the people behind MFJTV really take a great interest in their members, imparting valuable advice in practically every email.

After months of sending out personalised cover letters and CV's using MFJTV and MFJF for various different job roles, I finally got a response a few weeks ago from a video production company asking me to do a 2 week trial at their office.

My duties included administrative work, online video content research and assisting the production team. I found that it was a great learning curve for me to become accustomed to the dynamics of a production company and realised that post university, there was so much that I was yet to learn about the real working world. Truth is, its not all sunshine and roses but there are people willing to help and your persistence will eventually pay off. As a result of my placement, I regained some confidence which I thought I had lost, and have regained the drive to carry on applying to other companies via this site. Furthermore, I've been able to add more invaluable industry experience to my CV. My words of wisdom for fellow graduates like myself or college leavers would be (as clichéd as it sounds), to keep at it. Make each application personal, do your research about the company, show you WANT to be an asset to the company and most importantly, choose a job role which plays to your strengths! Good luck guys!”

Monish P

“The role was very much hands on. I spent the majority of my time in the production office assisting in research with the rest of the team. Towards the end of my time there I got to work on set with the studio team. The experience was well rounded and I'm grateful I got to dip my fingers across all areas of the production. I learnt new skills and got greater insight into the television production industry. From this placement I feel like I have a better idea of the entry level jobs available to me and the senior roles I can work towards. Applying for the work experience was fairly simple. My advice to others in my situation would be to keep pushing, keep applying and take on as many work experience schemes offered to you.”

Rachel L

“The work experience role with this company via MFJTV productions has allowed me to work on various projects with numerous tasks including, logging, assisting on set and researching. Opening doors into the whole production process. The company themselves are a great group of people, happy to help and keen to get you involved in any way possible. The process through MFJTV made the whole search and process easier. Taking out a lot of the hassle that I've experienced thus far. All I can say is to keep going for those jobs. Entry level positions may seem a bit unrewarding or tedious, but as soon as you find the right company or placement then it really helps. You get out of the role as much as you put in, and the entry level is the best way to get your foot in the door.”

Theodore B

"My experience working via MFJTV has left me with the enthusiasm to work harder for what I want in the industry. I was fortunate to work next to two very experienced and talented producers with the most relaxed manner and the patience to answer all of my questions. I was always kept busy, not just making teas and running errands but practically being involved in castings, market research and most importantly in the filming of the running production. I left with a very good impression of a professional and friendly work environment as well as a better knowledge of the creative agencies and the work that is out there."

Yiannis T

I found the process of MFJTV so simple. At first, I wasn't getting anywhere, like many of us don't in the beginning. Then, I got my Placement via MFJTV. I can honestly say I had the best two weeks working with them. There are a very hands on established company who treat you extremely well. As well as working in their busy office, I was taken on site for filming shoots. From being there, I have met some amazing people, and I cannot wait to work with them again in the future.

My advice for people who were in the same situation as me (and getting nowhere) is don't give up. Don't feel disheartened. You will face a lot of rejection and no acknowledgement. However, Someone WILL give you a chance, its then that you grab it with both hands and work your bum off to prove you have what it takes to succeed in this industry!!

Dawn S

We have had interns before but interns from MFJTV are definitely among the best we have ever had…

TV Production Company

I had one week's work experience through 'My First Job in TV'. The company were a small but busy with a lot of projects in various stages of development. My role largely entailed preparing preliminary research documents for a wide variety of projects. I also assisted with contributor sourcing and general administrative duties. Manning the switchboard was another task I was assigned, I was the first point of contact for the company, you quickly get used to deflecting pushy salespeople! I enjoyed the placement and felt I learnt a lot about how a busy production office operates. I have found MFJTV very simple to use and have been offered another work experience placement through the site for February.

My advice to job seekers would be to put a lot of thought into your cover emails, research the company you are applying to and be sure to address all the requirements of the job description.

When it comes to writing a CV for TV roles this advice from the BBC has helped me enormously:

Good luck!

Frances H

My first job in TV is a very good starting point in your research on companies and whether you'd suit their profile. You are offered a first see to the opportunities presented by the employers. I also think employers feel more comfortable offering a place to someone through the website rather than stand alone applications. In my view, My First Job In TV acts as an approved medium that companies trust if not prefer. It's a great first step into the industry.

My advice is don't present yourself as someone who can do anything; from production to editing, camera etc. As a starter, as much as in your professional career, you'll be asked to do specific jobs, therefore specialise. Employers are looking to fill specific positions and would hire people with specific skills. Target the jobs and respond to what they are asking for.

Ioannis T

While on work experience gained through MFJTV, I took part in running, logging, went on a shoot, visited other production companies.

I feel I gained a greater understanding of the behind the scenes of television, particularly that of factual and documentary based productions. it also gave me drive and encouragement to pursue a career in the industry.

Work has followed on from this placement, currently I am logging for two weeks on 'scrappers'.

I found MFJTV very useful, always kept up to date with needed roles and opportunities in the industry and very easy to use.

My advice is to be friendly and try to take as much as you can out of the opportunity, even if you are taking part in tasks you don't enjoy, you never know where it may lead.

Greg C

As a Steward I had the opportunity to experience various roles and got a chance to see different aspects of the production. I undertook average runner duties such as making tea's and coffee's but also had the interesting opportunity to work with the camera crew and directors as well as managing the front desk which definitely helped my organisation skills!

The MFJTV website is very easy to use and I especially like that it includes an array of different jobs for various lengths of time, which as a current student is really helpful for me to get a short term, entry level job. I found my work experience really interesting and I loved being on my feet all day and keeping busy as part of the large production. The crew were lovely to work with and really helpful, making me feel very comfortable. I would definitely advise others to apply regardless of what job it is, I really didn't think that I would get the job as I haven't had much previous experience, but to my surprise I was offered the role the next day! Just be helpful, polite and willing to get your hands dirty.

Isabelle B

So far, I have been doing various different tasks such as logging footage, assisting the development team and assisting with some of the edits. I'm also helping out with a shoot. I'm enjoying it and I've learnt a lot through the tasks I've been doing and hope to assist with more shoots and projects in the future. I also got the opportunity to be a runner last weekend on Big Brother through one of the editors here which was an invaluable experience and will also enhance my CV.

I'm a member of various other job sites (paid and unpaid) which I have not got anything from, however after joining MFJTV for a few months, I have already got an internship out of it. My advice for other people in my situation is that perseverance is key to applying for jobs and to do your best and work your hardest at the jobs you are given, and to smile and have a positive attitude!

Jess G

Due to this work experience I feel a lot more confident about applying for office runner jobs. I feel it gave me a boost in confidence! I really like MFJTV there are always jobs being posted up, the emails are fun and informational.

My advice is to have a easy to read CV, put all your media experience before "normal" jobs and your education.

Laura O

I found out about the Runner position through the website My First Job in Film. really like the website for the up to date opportunities they provide and for the helpfulness of the staff with any queries I may have.

During my day as a Runner I was responsible for welcoming the audience and members who wished to participate. I ensured they were in the right place at the right time, I assisted with the smooth running of the shoot by organising which items were needed for each dealer and undertook general runner duties providing drinks for the guests on the show and the on screen dealers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it to be of beneficial experience.

Lisa B

Getting the chance to work at this production company was great because my time was split between office and studio, giving me the opportunity to try out more than one role in the same place and see how they relate to each other.

While in the office, my main duties were research for the show and writing some of the prompts for the autocue; I got to see my work get put into practice at the studio, where I was taught basic camera operation as well as doing general runner duties. Working with the crew was really fun - it was a small team who made me feel very comfortable during my first experience of a studio and set.

Using MFJTV was really easy, and it's good to know that there are resources for people wanting to break into the industry regardless of how much experience they have. My one piece of advice for people applying would have to be reapply if you're not successful - most of my successful applications have only been so the third or fourth time round!

Michelle F