January 2018 | Televisual

With last year fading into the distance, Televisual sums up 2017.

Reflecting on 2017, it may just be possible to encapsulate the big trends affecting the worlds of broadcasting and production over the past year in just two news stories. The first is the decision by Apple to hire former Channel 4 chief creative officer Jay Hunt to lead a new commissioning team in London. The second is the outpouring of sexual abuse allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein.

The two stories are, of course, not linked in any way. But, taken together they neatly sum up two of the very big and very different themes of 2017: firstly, the profound impact of deep pocketed streaming giants on traditional TV, and second the opening up of a global dialogue about sexual harassment and lack of diversity in the workplace.

Jay Hunt’s move from a terrestrial British broadcaster to a global tech giant neatly symbolised the waning status of terrestrial broadcasters, and took place at the end of a year in which the disruptive power of streaming giants became ever more apparent.

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