An overview of independent production companies and broadcasters

The in-house team support all productions based at the company or broadcaster’s premises. The in-house team is predominantly there to meet the needs of the executives, freelance production staff and crew members and fulfil practical and everyday office maintenance, admin and facilities. In-house staff organise essential equipment (computers, printers etc.) and supplies (stationery, refreshments etc.), ensure all necessary information is distributed properly and HR/talent managers who manage databases of freelancers which come on board as and when projects are commissioned.

Junior staff such as office runners and secretaries provide administrative assistance, but rather than reporting to a freelance production manager, they report to the in-house office manager who looks after in-house admin for the broadcaster/production company as a whole. The production company or broadcaster will have a board of company directors and executives, as well as a head of production, finance manager, head of development, HR manager, talent manager, IT manager, accountants, legal and business affairs executive and one (or more) personal assistants/or a personal assistant appointed to the Exec team.

Unlike freelance staff/crew - most of the senior in-house staff will be on an annual salary (or long rolling contract), which may include pension plans and employee benefits. The in-house team is kept deliberately small, to keep costs to a minimum. The rest of the workforce is predominantly freelance and thus transient.   

What are the entry level positions?

The in-house entry level positions for Indies and Broadcasters are:

  • Trainee

  • Office Runner

  • Studio Runner

  • Runner

  • Receptionist/Front of House

  • Production Secretary

  • Production Assistant

  • PA

  • PA to the Exec Team

Areas of the industry these entry level jobs could lead into:

  • Production Management

  • Office Management

  • Acquisitions and Rights

  • Legal and Business Affairs

  • Marketing and Publicity

  • Communications

  • Company Director

  • Production Executive

  • Head of Production

  • Finance

  • Operations Management

  • Human Resources

​Genres that Indies and Broadcasters produce:

  • Animation

  • News

  • Children’s TV

  • Documentary

  • Reality TV

  • Factual

  • Entertainment

  • Comedy

  • Commercials

  • High End Corporate Video

  • Drama

  • Sports/OB

  • Feature Film